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Our Impact Advisors family is made up of incredibly talented Associates who collaborate on a daily basis in living our mission to create a positive Impact for our clients and one another!

We recently asked a few of our Associates to tell us why they loved working at Impact Advisors. This is what they had to say:

Bonnie H

Bonnie H.


"I feel proud and honored to be part of a firm that is not only highly recognized as a thought leader in Healthcare Information Technology,..." Read More

but also adheres to the corporate culture and values espoused. You witness the culture in action day in and day out – it is not just a mere statement. The investment of time and resources that the leadership makes for the growth and well-being of each of its consultants is the key differentiator and what attracts and keeps top talent with the firm.

Aracelis M.

Senior Advisor

"I am very proud to be part of this firm. It is very rewarding to share with creative, dynamic and knowledgeable people that are always willing to do their job with passion." Read More

I always feel very motivated because Impact provides me the ability to grow as a person and as a professional.  Our Executives and colleagues have formed such strong bonds of friendships that it makes it a pleasure to work with them. Rather than being a firm where I work, Impact is my family. 

Bjorn V

Bjorn V.

Senior Advisor

"The people of Impact Advisors are what make working for this company so great." Read More

While very technically savvy that is not what sets them apart; it is their desire to help and ability to work as a team that makes this job such a joy. As an example, a high-priority issue arose at a recent go-live that required resolution immediately and all my Impact Advisors colleagues asked if they could help even though not all were affected.

Kevin Weston

Kevin W.

Senior Advisor

"At Impact Advisors, I am given the tools and resources to allow myself to grow professionally and am encouraged be up-to-date on the latest and greatest in healthcare IT." Read More

“Working at Impact Advisors is like working with family, I am never treated like a number or an employee but feel like I am an integral part of a bigger picture, where my input and knowledge is never overlooked but freely accepted and encouraged.  This is the first and last company I will ever work for that not only takes care of me and my needs but incorporates our families as well and recognizes them as the support that allows us to excel at our clients.  It’s a unique quality not held by many other companies today and is one of the many reasons I am happy to call myself part of the team for many years to come.”

Bhagi P

Bhagi P.


"I love working at Impact Advisors..." Read More

…because I get to work on impactful projects with great team members and a lot of learning opportunities.