Impact Insights

Culture is Priority #1: The Cornerstone of Impact Advisors

February 16, 2022

Fifteen years ago this month, brothers and co-founders, Andy and Pete Smith, envisioned creating the nation’s premier healthcare consulting firm focused on building and sustaining... More

Impactful Winner Family Reunions

June 23, 2017

Every Spring, a well of excitement begins to fill up inside of me. I am sure part of it is the weather warming up, but... More

Dr. Smartphone to the Rescue

February 24, 2015

A “new” life saving device may already be in your pocket or purse. Your smartphone! The constant development of mobile technology has led to hundreds... More

A Great Start to a Career in Healthcare IT

August 25, 2014

As a 2013 graduate of Ball State University’s Center for Information and Communication Sciences I was lined up to start work with Impact Advisors two... More