Impact Insights

The Healthcare IT Travel Life: How It Started vs. How It’s Going

March 29, 2021

“Checking in, Mr. Weichmann?” Such a short, little sentence, yet its absence from my world lately has put a whole new spin on my professional... More

ERP System Cutovers: Lessons Learned

March 24, 2021

Planning for system cutovers takes time and attention to detail. In our first blog on the topic, we reviewed the different preparation considerations of an... More

Why Supply Chain Security Matters

March 8, 2021

The year 2020 may, in certain information security circles, be defined by two words: massive and devastating. But was it actually? That may be a... More

ERP System Cutovers: Preparation Considerations

February 25, 2021

Cutover planning for any technology implementation, whether it is a clinical equipment deployment, electronic health record (EHR) implementation, or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system... More

Healthcare A/V: Critical to Plan, Challenging to Define, Deploy, and Support

February 10, 2021

I often hear project team members and leaders during budget revisions say, “Whoa, how did this get missed in our original planning estimates and why... More

Enterprise Imaging: Organizational Challenges and Lessons Learned

January 29, 2021

This is the eighth and final blog in a series looking at different aspects of implementing Enterprise Imaging (EI). Find links to blogs one through... More

Maximize Revenue Cycle with Key Performance Indicators

December 30, 2020

You enter the elevator with your hospital/health system chief financial officer or chief medical officer, and the conversation goes something like this. “How did the... More

ERP End-to-End Testing in the Virtual World

December 29, 2020

Implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for hospitals and health systems requires extensive testing, one of many processes made more complex by this... More

Enterprise Imaging: Getting Organized and Collecting Data

December 22, 2020

This is the seventh blog in a series looking at different aspects of implementing Enterprise Imaging (EI). Find links to blogs one through six –... More

Recruiting is Sales

December 18, 2020

It is well known that recruiting and sales go hand in hand, right? The sales team keeps recruiters working and recruiters help close a sale... More

Workday ERP and EHR: Bringing Together Two Major IT Platforms

November 22, 2020

As more and more healthcare providers make the move to the cloud for software as a service (SaaS) delivery, the importance of a tighter relationship... More

Enterprise Imaging: Enterprise Viewers and Image Sharing

November 19, 2020

This is the sixth blog in a series looking at different aspects of implementing Enterprise Imaging (EI). Find links to blogs one through five –... More

Digital Lessons from Life Sciences

November 11, 2020

Our Commitment to Learn from Leading Industries and Clients “Greater threats, greater risks, and greater rewards.” In our advisory services practice, we are presented with... More

Leverage These Tips to Improve Revenue Cycle Performance within an EHR

November 10, 2020

For many organizations, the relationship between users and their electronic health record (EHR) often wavers. System expectations are generally high likely due to cost. Clients,... More

Consider All Resourcing for Data Conversions

November 4, 2020

When converting legacy data as a part of implementing an EMR, various resourcing requirements are often overlooked and can be an impediment to a successful... More