Impact Insights

Flossing for Dollars

June 27, 2019

You’re lying in your dentist’s chair for your semi-annual teeth cleaning and before the dental hygienist starts using that always enjoyable “Captain Hook” metal scraping... More

Jumping In the Pool of Denial Management

June 19, 2019

Summer is quickly approaching and now may be a good time to review your denial management strategy. With staff and managers taking well deserved time... More

What’s Keeping Healthcare CIOs up at Night?

June 13, 2019

We often ask the CIOs of our clients, “What’s keeping you up at night?” For years, the most common responses were usually major implementation, dealing... More

“Becoming” a Great Advisor

June 3, 2019

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ―John Wooden I had a milestone birthday last year and that milestone also marked... More

ImpactPalooza 2019 – Awards Presentation

May 24, 2019

Our Impact Advisors family had so much fun together during Impact Palooza 2019! Here are some happy photos from our more formal Thursday evening celebration... More

ImpactPalooza 2019 – Impact Goes to the Movies!

May 17, 2019

Our Impact Advisors’ Winners and guests had a chance to SHINE as their favorite movie or TV character at Impact Palooza 2019 – Impact Goes... More

How Healthcare Interoperability Affects Information Security

May 9, 2019

The evolution of healthcare interoperability includes the exchange of patient information across organizations, vendors, technologies, and geographical boundaries. In some national debates, interoperability is defined... More

Expanding Data Access: Considerations for Decentralizing Analytics

April 30, 2019

Driven by mandatory requirements and the potential to improve the quality of healthcare delivery while reducing the costs, healthcare organizations have become both sources and... More

TEFCA in a Nutshell – Part 2

April 23, 2019

This past Friday (April 19, 2019) Health and Human Services (HHS) released its long awaited update to TEFCA–the “Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement”. This... More

Building The Digital Health Portfolio: Aligning Strategy & Execution

April 19, 2019

Daniel Burnham, the legendary architect and urban planner, thought big. In a 1910 speech to fellow city planners in London, Burnham said, “Make no little... More

Measuring Your Organization’s Telehealth Maturity

April 2, 2019

As health care costs increase and reimbursement rates decrease, health care organizations are realizing the need to establish flexible and sustainable care models for the... More

2019 Update on Radiation Exposure

March 19, 2019

Medical professionals working with ionizing radiation must carry dose tracking devices which are reported regularly to the appropriate agencies. However there is no cohesive state... More

Planning for a Multi-Hospital Communications Program – Where to Begin

March 12, 2019

While a communications program that covers multiple hospitals and clinics may seem overwhelming, it does not have to be. The key to using your system’s... More

Overheard at HIMSS

March 5, 2019

Each year, everyone at Impact Advisors looks forward to the annual Health Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS) conference. As the largest conference of its... More

Interoperability and Information Blocking Proposed Rules from CMS & ONC

March 4, 2019

On February 11, 2019 CMS and ONC released complimentary proposed rules on Information Blocking and Interoperability. Long anticipated, these rules will influence how we exchange electronic... More