Impact Insights

Being Thankful

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays…a time to reflect on the past year and celebrate the many things for which we are thankful. As I think about our Impact Advisors family, the list starts with our incredible team of passionate professionals who enthusiastically share in our mission to create a positive Impact, each and every day.

There are three firm accomplishments for which I am most thankful this year, all regarding our 2016 industry recognitions as a “best place to work.” This year, we were ranked #3 on Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare list, #6 on Consulting Magazine’s Best Small Firms to Work For list, and named to Becker’s Healthcare “150 Great Places to Work in Healthcare.” Individually, any one of these accomplishments is a great achievement for an organization. Together, they make quite the trifecta of success from a workplace culture and engagement perspective.

I recently reached out to several of our Winners to get their perspectives on why they are thankful to be a part of our Impact Advisors family. Here is what they shared:

I have such gratitude that I was selected to be a Winner and to be a part of such a special family. Impact is truly a treasure. It starts with the people – they are smart, good people who are there to help and make each of us, the Firm and our customers successful, coupled with transparent leadership with a commitment to a trusting, safe, empowering and caring environment. – Susan

I am most thankful for all the ways I feel supported at IA. I feel supported by leadership in making decisions for clients, by co-workers either onsite or online, by my Coach in making career decisions and by my entire work family in making choices that are best for me and my family. – Robin

During the Thanksgiving season, we are reminded of the people and opportunities that have the most meaning to us and what we truly have to be thankful for. While there are numerous qualities within Impact Advisors I am personally thankful for, I am most impressed with the effort IA places on building its culture, experience and sense of family. From recruitment to your first day as an employee, you are introduced into an environment of professionalism with intelligent, intriguing people you know you are going to want to call your friends. It begins with a warm welcome from your Coach and is followed by leadership and peers alike reaching out to let you know they are glad to have you as part of the team. From there, as an IA family member, you have access not only to impressive corporate “bling,” but your very own Happyologist (and who else can say that?), as well as instant eligibility to achieve High Impact awards and recognition for appreciated work and contributions. The IA culture continues to build with amazing annual retreats that have the sense of nothing short of a family reunion. I’m thankful for this winning culture whose success is supported by a diverse, talented group of people who do care about helping each of us succeed personally and professionally. This kind of investment makes an Impact and is something I am thankful to be a part during this holiday season. – Bracken

Impact Advisors provides an excellent team of peers to accomplish goals with. The temperament, motivation and dedication that each one of our “Winners” displays only further draws out the best in myself. Knowing there is a family of colleagues willing to support you amplifies the success we can achieve. The “can do” attitude shared across our culture is contagious and leads to quality project outcomes. – Reid

We all look for a deeper meaning in our lives – of purpose and connection. Impact Advisors offers an environment and many ways for people to help experience and achieve those deeper meanings by creating relationships and situations where we are able to help others (clients, fellow Winners or family members) by using our skills/talents and, at the same time, receiving support, nurturing and guidance in those things that we want to improve in our lives. – Doug

I look forward to coming to work every day because I love what I do. Here are just a few reasons that I am thankful for Impact Advisors:

  • Awesome Leadership. My firm trusts me and believes I am the right person to get them from A to B.
  • Fun Co-Workers. We are road warriors, so my colleagues have become my family. The ability to work with people I can laugh with and collaborate with makes my job much more enjoyable.
  • Paycheck. I’m incredibly thankful that I don’t wake up dreading going to work every day and I’m even more grateful that I get paid to do what I love. Knowing I have a company that appreciates the work I do and supports me keeps me motivated to work harder. – Leigh

I am so thankful for Impact Advisors, who considers all I have to offer instead of what I provided last, and gives me further opportunities to grow what I can offer. I have rediscovered joy in my work, and hopefully found my “forever work home” this year when IA chose me. – Mike

Seeing all of these thoughtful responses from such caring, talented Winners has added to my long list of things to be thankful for this year. It continues to be my great honor to be a part of our Impact Advisors family – something for which I am MOST THANKFUL!