Impact Insights

Death, Taxes, and the Ops Team

Tomorrow the numerical rankings of this year’s Modern Healthcare “Best Places to Work” list will be announced. Impact Advisors is on the list (hooray!) and tomorrow we learn where we are exactly on said list (the anticipation is killing me). This is the fifth consecutive year we’ve been recognized as a “Best Places to Work,” therefore naturally we often hear, “what’s your secret sauce?” I’d like to discuss an ingredient in the recipe of a best consulting firm to work for: the Operations Team.

If you’re a consultant with Impact Advisors, there are three things you can count on in life: death, taxes, and the Ops Team. Our Operations Team comprises finance/accounting, Human Resources, Recruiting, Happyology, and general operations, think: RFP response development, staffing, sales support, training, web marketing, event planning, technical support, and scariest of them all, other duties as assigned. If it’s not related to day-to-day client work, the Ops Team does it. We’re lean, not at all mean, and ready to help!

Consulting is a tough gig. Traveling away from home each week, eating whatever comes in a plastic box at the airport deli, managing difficult projects plus firm related work, perhaps working two (or more) projects at once with a go live looming is hard. No doubt rewarding, but hard. Therefore in our culture, we see no reason to pile anything more onto a consultant.

“But isn’t that what an operations group is supposed to do?” you ask? Yes, it is; however what really sets the Impact Advisors’ Operations Team apart is an attitude of superior customer service. Everything is driven by, “what will make our consultants’ lives easier?” Starbucks’ renowned customer service doesn’t even come close to our Ops Team’s.

In my role as a recruiter, I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve heard in interviews, “well, I sent HR an email, but I haven’t heard back.” At Impact Advisors no questions go unanswered, no concerns remain unaddressed; there is no administrative black hole here. The prevailing attitude is, “yes, we can handle that and we’ll figure out how to do it best for our Associates.” Our customer service attitude is innate, greatly setting us apart.

Many of our consultants describe our award winning culture as if, “someone has my back.” Operations are the behind-the-scenes foundation that keeps the firm moving forward so our consultants can focus on doing their jobs best: delivering the highest quality results to our clients.