Impact Insights

A Great Start to a Career in Healthcare IT

As a 2013 graduate of Ball State University’s Center for Information and Communication Sciences I was lined up to start work with Impact Advisors two weeks after graduation. After my interview, I was sure this would be a great place to start a career. All three leaders I spoke with showed pure interest in accomplishing and living out Impact Advisors’ mission, to create a positive impact, and vision, to continue being a leader in the healthcare information technology field.

Being new to the healthcare IT industry, I initially was intimidated by the sheer amount of information about Electronic Health Records (EHRs), hospital workflows, and consulting. As I tried to learn on my own, I was drinking from the fire hose and getting soaked rather than nourished. Though by my second week of work that was reversed; I clearly felt the support and wealth of knowledge from my colleagues.

Each Winner (employee) I have met has shown outstanding leadership abilities and a passion for improving our firm and the healthcare systems we work with. Even while working long days and preparing for go-lives, I still had co-workers mentoring and supporting me as I helped out in new areas. Major kudos go to our awesome Recruiting team on the work they do selecting the best people.

Working for Impact Advisors has been like working with a family that always looks out for each other. I completely understand why we have been recognized as one of the best places to work in healthcare by Modern Healthcare FIVE YEARS in a row! We care for each other and we care for our clients making both our clients and Impact Advisors better places to work.

Don’t worry, not everything we do is work. One of the best parts of being a Winner is we step outside the box of healthcare to do things we love. There are constantly other activities going on like fun runs (Boston Red Sox Run to Home Base), employee dinners, professional sports outings, pet supermodel competitions, companywide fantasy football leagues, paid time off for volunteerism, and the occasional ice bucket challenge.

Creating a positive impact is what we do at Impact Advisors. From the top down, everyone is engaged and involved in maintaining this culture of fun, passion and drive to be the best. After working with Impact Advisors for a year, it is not just a great place to start a career; it is the best place to have a career.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention we have a Happyologist!