Impact Insights

Impact Advisors Creates a Culture of Caring


When I first interviewed at Impact Advisors, I noticed it was like oil and water from other interviews I had been on. The firm easily separated themselves from all the other consulting firms.  I could tell immediately that one of the firm’s most important values was creating a family environment for its employees.  It was clear to me that it was not only important, but it also gave Impact Advisors a sense of pride to be a firm that not only completed exceptional work for its clients, but was also able to support and care for its employees. It was because of this feeling that I hoped I would get a call back and be able to be a part of such an amazing team.  Six years later, as an employee, I still get that same feeling.

Running has always been important to me. Seven years ago I participated at the inaugural Run to Homebase event in Boston, MA.  The event raises money for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families.  The first year I participated I was blown away by the veterans who participated and the stories they had to tell. As an associate at Impact Advisors that second year, I planned to participate again. I was about to register when I thought how cool would it be to recruit a team of Impact employees and participate in the event as a team. I knew together we could raise more money for this cause than I could on my own. I brought the idea up to Impact Advisors Leadership and without hesitation they supported my idea.  That first year we had four runners, six cheer squad members and raised over $5,000.  Since then we have participated in a total of six Run to Homebase events as a team and raised more than $21,000 for a phenomenal cause Impact Advisors has also supported a variety of other events like Head Shave for Hope, Move for the Kids Run/Walk 5K and Feed My Starving Children.


Not only does Impact Advisors provide the best healthcare IT services in the industry, but they have been able to transcend the pitfalls of a growing and successful company by bolstering their employees both in their work and personal lives.  You are not just a number at Impact Advisors and I am honored to be a part of an amazing firm that creates a culture of caring and wellbeing for its employees and their loved ones.