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What It’s Like to Have a Happyologist

Our firm, Best in KLAS award winner Impact Advisors, is dedicated to maintaining and growing our internal culture so much so that we have a Happyologist on staff. His official title is actually Director of Firm Culture and Associate Satisfaction, but “Happyologist” lends much more fun. Check him out.

So what is a Happyologist? I’m so glad you asked. Our Happyologist’s job is to ensure Impact Advisors’ Associates are happy. By happy we mean, have meaningful work, good employee relations, feel appreciated, want to stay, are heard, and surprised by fun stuff. Michael makes sure that when I as a Recruiter tell candidates that our culture makes Impact Advisors different, there is mega bite behind that bark. Because everybody says that, right? “Our culture makes us different.” Well, let’s let reality be the judge.

Here’s just a sampling of Michael’s To-Do list:

  • Ongoing internal communication efforts
  • Ongoing external communication efforts
  • Plan and execute New Hire Orientation
  • Plan and execute annual corporate meeting
  • Plan and execute leadership retreat
  • Help newbie consultants be successful
  • Celebrate any anniversary, accomplishment, marriage, birth or other employee success
  • Ongoing improvements to benefits and technology
  • Create peer to peer recognition program
  • Listen, like a lot of listening
  • Stay interviewing
  • Information wrangling
  • Custom requests (probably more than I will ever know)

Therefore what is it like to have a Happyologist? Essentially it’s like having an advocate, friend, party invitation, news anchor, concierge, problem-solver, and psychologist on call all the time. And what is the result? A 90% retention rate.

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