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Healthcare Information Security Adoption Model (HISAM)

Information security is a major concern for all healthcare organizations. The myriad of government and industry regulations make it hard to know where you stand in terms of information security and what improvements are needed to protect your organization against threats. Impact Advisors’ Healthcare Information Security Adoption Model (HISAM) is a tool that enables healthcare organizations to quickly measure current security posture, set goals and budgets for improvement, and track progress over time. A comprehensive assessment tool, the HISAM describes seven levels of security preparedness across three categories: Awareness, Technical and Behavioral.

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 Understanding Your Current Level of Security

Most healthcare organizations have already implemented a number of security related practices and technologies. However, potential exists for key elements to be overlooked. Impact Advisors’ HISAM is a roadmap to a well-rounded security program. It is used to quickly assess your security level and expose gaps that need to be addressed.

 Prioritizing Your Security Budget

Information security budgets are not unlimited, so it is important to make informed decisions regarding security project funding. By defining the “big picture,” the HISAM framework helps you see what’s missing, evaluate risk and prioritize security expenditures.

 Communicating with Executive Leadership

A key component in gaining the information security budget you need is communicating that need to executive leadership. Impact Advisors’ HISAM pinpoints your organization’s current security level, clarifies gaps and delineates next steps to improve security—all in a format that is easily consumable by executive leadership, including presentation-ready graphs.

How the HISAM Tool Works

Each of the seven levels has 10 questions related to security of your organization. Answering a yes or no for each question allows the tool to calculate your maturity level and show you how close you are at each level. Maturity level is cumulative, you must have all the items covered in lower levels as you move up the scale.




To download the HISAM self-evaluation tool, click here.