Impact Insights

NHIT Week: Endless Health IT Capabilities

Need to pre-register for a planned hospital admission?  Done
Want to upload your fitness activity from your Fitbit for your doctor to see?  Done
Want to access your PHI?  Done

Today’s Health IT capabilities are endless.  In a data driven, WiFi enabled society many aspects of life have been affected by new technological advances including Health IT.  Doctors are accessing medical records from iPads, patients are allowed to pre-register online to allow smoother admissions, and routine outpatient visits are optimized with patient activity data (Fitbit, myFitness Pal, etc) that syncs to their provider’s database.  Patients no longer wait for the laboratory to call them back with results.  With a couple of clicks, they can access their test results online…easier, quicker, and simpler.

AND this is just the beginning!  In the years to come, processes will be streamlined, population health will redefine provider care, and the treatment available will be more complex and complete.  Professionally, I have been lucky to provide automation to many aspects of the electronic medical record as a Healthcare IT Consultant.  Personally, I have gone from needing to get my medical record printed for continued care to one small signature.  I no longer question what is in my medical record because I view it online.  My provider now focuses on prevention more so than treatment thanks to new population health statistics.  As an expectant Mother, soon I will be able to see how Mother / Baby results sharing works real-time!   I can’t believe the progress in the last 10 years and can only imagine the boundaries Health IT will transcend in the generations to come!