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What’s the Value of Health IT? What do you think?

In preparing for this year’s National Health IT Week for which Impact Advisors is a Proud Partner, we thought it would be interesting to find out what a few of our consultants believe is the value of health IT. We asked several to answer in one sentence and here is what we discovered.

“Being able to give better patient care because you can see the big picture of the patient’s health!” – Kelly S.

“Up to date patient information at the ready!” – Jolinda S.

“Health IT is a catalyst for smarter healthcare solutions; faster more efficient healthcare interactions, ease of access to personal health information for patients, and predicative analytics to reduce readmission and costs.” – Keegan H.

“The biggest value in Health IT is providing framework to enable clinicians across a patient’s care team (from different health systems to different countries) to work together in providing care.” – Mike H.

“Transparency – it empowers consumers, holds providers accountable, and motivates healthcare systems to provider better care.” – Leigh B.

“The Value is…..revenue cycle transparency, standardization of operational policies and procedures , and more robust reporting capabilities leading to the identification of targeted registration, charging, claims, and follow up enhancement opportunities.” – Carol L.

“Patient care coordination and safety!” – Sonya Y.

Well how about that. What do you think? Please share your thoughts with us in the Comments section below.