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Impact Advisors Named “Top Clinical Transformation/Optimization Firm” in KLAS Healthcare IT Advisory Report

This week KLAS published its annual Healthcare IT Advisory performance report.  In it, Impact Advisors was honored with the distinctions of “Most Consistent Top Performer,” “Top Planning and Assessment Firm” and “Top Clinical Transformation/Optimization Firm.” With stiff competition in the field, we are truly grateful to be distinguished as the front runner.

The KLAS report lists many factors that went into the ranking methodology.  Among the key qualities describing Impact Advisors that ultimately separated us from the field were:

  • Strategic competency
  • Producing tangible results/benefits
  • Listening to an organization’s needs
  • Careful selection of consultants that have the breadth and depth of healthcare knowledge to meet the client’s needs
  • Communicating with executive leadership and team members in a way that is impactful and easy to understand
  • Sharing experiences, best practices and other provider executive lessons with clients
  • Providing deep insight and actionable advice
  • Facilitating better execution of projects

It strikes me that these very qualities that distinguished Impact Advisors as a top advisory partner to healthcare organizations are a microcosm of what organizations will need to be successful as healthcare goes through rapid change over the next few years.  As the transition to value accelerates, health systems will be under unprecedented pressure to produce results, improve quality, improve patient experience and reduce costs all at the same time.  With that pressure, optimization/transformation of clinical systems will be an imperative.

Having staffed up for EHR implementation and gradually decreased IT staff to handle “maintenance,” few health systems are adequately prepared to meet the challenges ahead. They simply don’t have the quantity of staff needed, much less staff with the depth and breadth of experience necessary to take their clinical systems to the next level.

Optimization teams will need to be multidisciplinary, including IT team members, process improvement team members and others.  They will need to be able to fully understand the organization’s strategic direction and have the ability to communicate with both leadership and end users in ways that are impactful and easy to understand.  They will need to have deep knowledge of best practices and put in place a system to continue to monitor and collect best practices.

No matter how astute, optimization teams are only valuable if they can expertly execute projects.  That means that optimization teams must be able to navigate the soup to nuts of project planning, governance, workflow assessment, build, change management, training, implementation, analytics development and sustainment plans.

This may leave executives scratching their heads as to where to find these types of resources.  In truth, that task is difficult, as experienced clinical optimization/transformation resources are in short supply and high demand.  In many cases health systems may have some existing resources that can grow into optimization leaders, but may be challenged to do so in the time frame needed to meet the immediate and short-term need.

Executive leaders will need to have partners that can guide them through the process of evaluating myriad of “optimization” requests to be able to carefully select projects that will produce tangible results and value and will support the organization’s strategic plan.  They will need guidance in developing optimization governance, developing intake and prioritization systems, developing optimization teams and staffing those teams with carefully selected members.  Their teams will need teachers who can successfully transfer knowledge and leave the organization being able to self-sustain. They will need relationships with a partner that knows their organization well and is on standby to help when needed.

Impact Advisors has proven itself year after year to be a “Best in KLAS” organization. We look forward to continuing to serve our many existing partners and developing relationships with new partners for years to come as we live our mission to “Create a Positive Impact.”