Our Services

Corporate Services Optimization

Enabling Corporate Services to meet the needs of stakeholders, while positioning the organization for the future

Impact Advisors’ experts develop focused solutions by area including: insourcing, outsourcing, centralization, automation, demand management, and streamlining/reducing waste. Our approach includes:

  • Defining key ingredients for flexibility
  • Deploying best practice process across the system
  • Understanding the ROI on key functions or benefits provided and modifying to position the organization best to fulfill its mission and position it for the future
  • Optimizing technology to manage workflow and automate, where possible
  • Utilizing tools / dashboards to facilitate follow-up actions and continuously track performance

Typical value we can deliver:

  • ~10% expense reduction
  • Better employee engagement (from more predictable and efficient staffing process)
  • Improved support to hospital functional areas

Typical challenges our clients face:

  • Significant area of focus for most organizations for some time – leaders often voice concern over diminishing returns
  • Support functions are not at optimal levels and the cost is outweighing the perceived benefit
  • Flexibility – too little flexibility within corporate functions
  • Behavior change
  • Ability to define and implement best practices
  • Leadership turnover / alignment