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Facility Technology Planning

Healthcare Technology: The New Bricks and Mortar

Technology is a critical component and is utilized widely in today’s healthcare facilities. Whether it’s medical grade infrastructure or devices used by care providers and patients, they must be secure, robust, adaptive and support the needs of a broad array of stakeholders. Often, there is no single integration point and decisions on premise monitoring, electronic signage, and biomedical integration are often separate from traditional IT choices.

As your healthcare organization builds new facilities and / or expand current ones, you must work from a comprehensive “playbook” to ensure systems, devices and facilities are integrated in a timely and cost-effective manner. When Clinical and Revenue Cycle processes are optimized, your patients have a positive and engaging experience.

A Proven Playbook for Facility Technology Planning and Transition Management

Impact Advisors has assisted a range of healthcare’s leading institutions in technology planning requirements for new and remodeled facilities. We also assist with managing the transition from old technologies and environments to new ones. Our employees are operationally experienced and trained professionals who lead and manage complex technology organizations and programs. We work closely with the organization’s project sponsors and staff, the architects, contractors and low-voltage firms throughout the project life cycle to deliver on time and on budget.

Our services often include one or more of the following activities.

  • Facility technology design
  • Total IT cost / benefit model
  • IT construction management
  • Vendor selection
  • Evaluate emerging technologies
  • Technology enabled clinical workflow design
  • Technology procurement optimization and building load
  • Technology commissioning

Let Impact Advisors make sure that your next facility expansion or remodel includes all IT requirements from the inception of the project.