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Healthcare IT Strategic Planning

IT Strategic Planning: Essential to Clinical Care and Business Success

Your organization is wrestling with cost pressures, the volume-to-value shift, reform, regulatory scrutiny, mergers & affiliations and increasing consumer engagement. Information technology is essential in addressing this complex and changing landscape. CIOs must develop and execute an affordable IT strategy that addresses the following questions.

  • How do we anticipate and respond to critical market drivers?
  • What key IT capabilities support our organization’s clinical and business priorities?
  • Is my organization leveraging the right IT tools and resources to achieve our strategic objectives?
  • I am concerned about my vendor’s ability to deliver on their product roadmap. How do I know whether it’s time to switch vendors?
  • What’s the appropriate governance structure for effective IT decision-making and prioritization?
  • How do we strengthen our IT infrastructure, talent, program management and services support?
  • Is my IT organization structured and staffed appropriately to deliver on its commitments?

Impact Advisors: Expertise and Experience in IT Strategic Planning

Impact Advisors is a sought-after partner for healthcare IT strategic planning. Our experience, expertise and methodology have helped us earn the trust of leading delivery organizations. Our IT Strategic Planning engagements often involve at least one of the following activities.

  • IT Assessments. Our assessments are thorough and proven, evaluating people, process and technology. We objectively assess performance against relevant peers using relevant metrics.
  • IT Strategic Plan. Our IT roadmaps support clinical / operational objectives, yet are actionable and deliver near-term results. IT objectives and services must address your organization’s specific market nuances, culture, and internal capacity. The plan must also consider emerging industry trends. We usually facilitate plan development, and often update IT governance between IT and executive leadership to ensure long-term accountability.
  • Healthcare Vendor Selection. Impact Advisors can assist in a variety of ways. Some clients want an independent party to facilitate a full selection process involving executive education, proposal development, and vendor evaluation. Other clients choose an abbreviated process, or selective expertise. We have the tools and experience to expedite these activities in a fair manner.
  • Cost / Benefit Modeling. We help determine the total cost of ownership (TCO) for major IT investments ranging from electronic health record (EHR) implementation to a community hospital acquisition.

IT strategic planning often provides the basis for endeavors such as EHR implementation, analytics, and/or revenue cycle optimization.