Labor Optimization

Labor Optimization

Increase top line revenue and improve customer experience through workforce optimization

Impact Advisors’ labor optimization experts deploy best practice, data-driven processes and proven tools to predict demand, forecast labor requirements, and link to hiring and position control. Dashboards facilitate follow-up actions and reduce burden on managers.

  • Base staffing needs on actual patient volumes
  • Process to establish key ingredients for flexibility (float pools)
  • Optimize technology to create an accurate forecast of required labor resources (fixed and variable as well as skill mix)

Typical value we can deliver:

  • 5 -10% labor expense reduction
  • Improved employee engagement (from more predictable and efficient staffing process)
  • Improved patient experience/quality based on best practice process, happier staff, closer alignment of staff to demand, and a strong governance model

Typical challenges our clients face:

  • Adding staff to cover volume yields diminishing returns as the expense of labor begins to outweigh potential benefit
  • Cutting staff without improving efficiency causes expenses to creep back up
  • Managers don’t have the right tools/training to staff appropriately
  • Hiring challenges (e.g., difficult to recruit resources and manage pools)
  • Too little flexibility to achieve efficiency or too much time and effort required to drive flexibility (impacting staff satisfaction)
  • Lacking ability to define and implement best practices in variance reporting and action planning
  • Leadership turnover / alignment