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Happy Career, Happy Life

As a healthcare IT recruiter, I am fortunate to have a career that I love and allows me to continually grow professionally. However, I frequently speak with candidates who don’t have a career they love, and even worse, don’t know how build a career that will provide them with a sense of both personal and professional achievement.

Creating a fulfilling healthcare IT career is not an impossible goal. Impact Advisors focuses on hiring talented healthcare IT professionals with superior skills in their areas of expertise. However, another area given parallel attention is the candidate’s fit within our company culture. This means, aside from his/her healthcare and technical knowledge, does the candidate’s career goals align with the values and goals of Impact Advisors? For example, after working for a Big Four consulting firm, I knew I wanted to work for a smaller company. It was important for me to be known as a person, not just a line item on a spreadsheet.

When I was recruited to Impact Advisors I evaluated carefully, reviewing my own personal goals compared to those of my potential employer. Here are some examples of the questions and thoughts I used to assess my fit for the role at Impact Advisors:

  • What is important to you? This could be the type of company, salary, growth opportunities, work you’d be doing, culture, location, travel, benefits, etc.
  • What motivates you? Are you motivated by helping others, or by working with talented professionals, or professional recognition?
  • What are your ultimate career goals?
  • What type of personality do you have? Would you do better working alone, or do you thrive being part of a team?
  • What are your strengths? Think about this carefully and realistically. Knowing your strengths allows you to articulate them while interviewing, but it can also save you from pursuing the wrong career or job.
  • What type of company is attractive to you? Large, small? Private, Public?
  • Do you want the stability of a full time job or the flexibility, but uncertainty, of contracting?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself as you begin to assess the type of career that will make you happy. Matching my goals with those of my employer has led to many positive career experiences. It is worthwhile to dedicate time to asking the above questions of yourself, to honestly appraise where you are in your career, and assess what strengths and value you bring to a potential employer. Once you have accomplished this, you are ready to evaluate the fit of the potential employer in alignment with you, your strengths, and goals. Impact Advisors believes employment should be a mutual match and a mutually beneficial relationship.

Therefore, I encourage you and all my candidates to seek a professionally and personally fruitful career. After all, life is too short work a job you dislike or eat cheap chocolate.

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