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Happy (a Day Early) Thanksgiving

In the United States tomorrow is Thanksgiving, an American traditional holiday celebrated technically to remember the first harvest of our Pilgrim forefathers after their arrival in the New World. The holiday has certainly evolved into a variety of traditions including American Football watching, dining on traditional turkey-centric fare, holiday-season kick off, and Uncle John asleep and snoring loudly in the recliner. The latter happens every year.

All joking aside, we here at Impact Advisors firmly believe in gratitude (and humor) as a key component of everything we do; especially since our work is healthcare-based. For just a moment, we’d like to stop in the midst of hectic travel, holiday preparations, and stress to tell you, our loyal reader, what we’re thankful for this year.

Our Associates
This first one is a no-brainer. We are so grateful for the Associates that make up Impact Advisors. All 167 of them! Without them, the company wouldn’t exist. Our team members are dedicated to living the Impact Advisors mission: to create a positive impact, every day. Their dedication is humbling to say the least, therefore we are very grateful to our Associates for the work that they do at our clients and Impact Advisors.

Our Clients
It is absolutely nothing short of a privilege to work with our customers. Our clients are some of the largest, most prestigious healthcare organizations in the country and working alongside with them to solve problems, create efficiencies through IT, and improve the lives of patients is, let’s call it what it is, awesome. Tremendously awesome.

Our Extended Impact Advisors Family
Without doubt the lifestyle of a traveling consultant is a hard one. We’re away from our families every week and getting to be with them around Thanksgiving reminds us of how grateful we are for their support of our work and with it, the traveling lifestyle. Consulting isn’t an individual commitment, but a family one. Therefore, thank you, to all those that stay home when we hit the road to work with our clients.

Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy (sort of, have the pie, life is short), and safe (seriously) Thanksgiving from all of us at Impact Advisors!

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