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Love is Always in the Air at Impact Advisors

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re considering a career with Impact Advisors or are already a member of the Impact family, we want to make sure you “feel the IA love.”  Our goal is to ensure that every candidate experience is both inviting and informative. Creating a lasting relationship with our Associates starts long before their first day; it starts during the interview process.

Our interview process focuses just as much on exceeding the candidate’s expectations and providing the information they’ll need to make an informed decision as it does in ensuring that our high quality standards are met. The presence of our Core Values and Guiding Principles in every phase of the interview process ensures we’re hiring like-minded people who share our passion for healthcare IT and are committed to delivering exceptional quality services to our clients. Our Associates play a valuable role in the interview process from the identification to the evaluation of prospective employees. Ensuring both candidate and Associate engagement enables us to hire the best in the industry. At the end of the day, whether a candidate is selected or not, our hope is that they “feel the IA love” and share it with others.

Once you become a member of the IA family, our team of dedicated Operations professionals prepare for a red carpet welcome. We begin laying the foundation for what we hope will be a long-lasting partnership. Your very own IA Coach is hand selected with your professional development in mind. A firm wide introduction welcomes new Winners to the IA family and our Happyologist conducts a robust orientation to ensure your entry into the firm is seamless.   It’s not long before you’re welcomed by new colleagues and contributing to an IA client project team.  It’s at this point that your career with Impact takes root.

It’s our belief that in order to “feel the IA love” you need to “hear the IA love.” We believe strongly in maintaining open lines of communication with our staff. Whether we’re introducing a new Associate, sharing exciting news, communicating enhancements to our benefits offering, sharing project milestones or soliciting feedback on how we can improve, we use a variety of methods to reach our Associates. Celebrating our employees and their contributions to Impact Advisors occurs often; on a quarterly Town Hall Call or editions of our The Impact, the Winner Report or Impact in the News newsletters. Other fun sources of information include our Coaching Corner and Wellness Wednesday series both geared towards personal and professional development.

You’ve “felt the IA love,” “heard the IA love” and will also “experience the IA love” at Impact. Our employees mean the world to us. Their commitment to our clients and personal sacrifice doesn’t go unnoticed. We look for every opportunity to recognize their accomplishments and contributions. High Impact Awards can be given to any Associate by any staff member, at any time, for any reason. The only caveat is that this award must be shared publicly amongst the firm. This allows us to celebrate one another and participate in the recognition.  Birthdays are celebrated, care packages are distributed and acknowledgements are shared. To ensure that our employees’ needs are being met, we conduct regular Happy Checks and implemented a Valuable Interview Process (VIP) to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Working at Impact is a lot like joining a community.  A community can be defined as a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. Impact is a community of individuals who have been brought together because of their shared values and goals. Keeping the members of our community happy is a top priority. Ensuring our Winners “feel the IA love” on a regular basis is important; whether they’re new to the firm or an IA veteran, whether they’re working independently or on a large project team their happiness matters. For these reasons, and so many others, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. Sharing the love and feeling the love for five years!


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