Impact Insights

Recruiting During a Pandemic

I am sure I heard the word pandemic before 2020, but it did not hold quite the meaning it does now. Our entire world, our lives and almost everything we know has been flipped upside down in the span of a few months. Many businesses are suffering, there have been so many layoffs, and so many people are now unemployed and worried about the financial implications of this new and scary world we live in.

From the recruiter perspective, this is definitely a very challenging time – even as part of the healthcare industry. Projects were delayed, resources were redirected toward COVID-19 response, clients lost money in part because of restrictions on elective services, and they weren’t able to hire or keep consultants, and sometimes not even keep full-time employees.

Being a recruiter in a pandemic world, I relied on the core values of my company, Impact Advisors: integrity, motivation, passionate, agile, caring and talented. Because we are still recruiting in such a trying time, I consider how the people I’m talking to are coping with and managing our current world situation. They may have been laid off along with their spouse or partner, too. They may have been a teacher to young kids while trying to figure out how to make ends meet. They may have a parent they are very close to who they are unable to see. They may have even lost someone close to them because of this virus.

So, as I get open positions, I really want to help each individual and hopefully get them hired to these roles. But beyond that, I take my recruiting to the next level. I seek out opportunities I hear about from other people, through LinkedIn posts and other sources, and share with my company to potentially connect on these projects/roles and get our people staffed and my people hired. If my company is not involved in these projects, I try to share with my candidates people or firms who might be working them. I share possible work alternatives with my candidates during this time. My main goal – help as many people I can in whatever way I can.

Human resources really is about the people. In a time when so many are suffering in so many ways, this is what we have to remember. Here are a few priorities to keep in mind for your HR team.

  • Be there for your employees and understand their current situations.
  • Offer help when you can and support them in whatever ways your company is able to do.
  • Be willing to help jobseekers even if you cannot hire them.
  • Share with them data and resources that can help them – job resources, unemployment resources, COVID-19 resources, etc.

There are some positive signs emerging – unemployment rates are gradually declining as states continue working to reopen. Areas that will start seeing growth include telehealth, disaster recovery, remote support, and many places that still have frontline workers. Elective health procedures are picking up and life is reemerging. Hopefully, these things all lead to a recovery of our people and our economies.

If everyone remembers we are all in this together and we all try to help as many people we can in whatever way we can, it will make a huge difference in the world, as well as in individual lives. And I am proud to be a part of a company who does this. Thank you, Impact Advisors, for caring so much about each one of us!