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Experiencing Healthcare Excellence When I Needed It the Most

September 26, 2019

This summer, my mother entered a hospital in Virginia, and within a few days, she passed away from complications of stage 4 lung cancer that... More

Improving Telehealth Programs: Tips and Advice for National Health IT Week

September 24, 2019

As we embark on National Health IT Week, I am excited to see that expanding access to broadband and Telehealth is one of the key... More

NHIT Week: Endless Health IT Capabilities

October 8, 2015

Need to pre-register for a planned hospital admission?  Done Want to upload your fitness activity from your Fitbit for your doctor to see?  Done Want... More

NHIT WEEK: Close to the Heart – Electronic Medication Reconciliation

October 6, 2015

One of the first projects I was given as a healthcare IT Application Analyst was Electronic Medication Reconciliation. Tasked with defining a process for electronically... More

Week in Review 9/19/14

September 19, 2014

Happy National Health IT Week! Is Congress getting into the spirit of National Health IT Week, too? One of this year’s “Asks” was related to minimizing... More

National Health IT Week – the Funnies Section

September 18, 2014


What’s the Value of Health IT? What do you think?

September 17, 2014

In preparing for this year’s National Health IT Week for which Impact Advisors is a Proud Partner, we thought it would be interesting to find... More

What is the Value of Health IT?

September 16, 2014

Pondering this question for me has been quite a challenge and I’ve decided it’s primarily because I’m not sure we’re “there” yet. Maybe a better... More

Welcome to National Health IT Week

September 15, 2014

Good Monday Morning to everyone! Impact Advisors is pleased to be participating in National Health IT Week as a Proud Partner with HIMSS. This is... More