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KLAS Recognizes Impact Advisors as Clinical Optimization Leader

This week KLAS, a research firm that independently monitors vendor performance through the active participation of thousands of healthcare organizations, released its annual Best in KLAS: Software & Services Report for healthcare IT vendors and services providers. Impact Advisors was honored to be recognized as the top Clinical Optimization Firm in the country. As a leader of clinical performance solutions, this is just the beginning!

At Impact Advisors, we pride ourselves in the very things that KLAS measures: quality of our staff, innovative tools, deep involvement of our executives, exceptional service and support, and most importantly, creating value for our clients.

This past year, we worked side-by-side with our clients to guide them through the processes of optimizing their Category-Leader-2017workflows and enabling them through the use of technology. We worked diligently to carefully listen to our clients’ needs and provide them with actionable advice that reflects deep insight and strategic competency. We worked collaboratively with clients at every level, from IT or clinical team member to senior executives, sharing best practices and lessons learned. At each client, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring that our services are providing value and driving benefits realization. In short, we’re really proud of what we accomplished in 2016 and grateful for the collaboration and counsel from our clients to make our services even better going forward.

Our goal for 2017 is to take clinical optimization to the next level. We’ve rebranded our services as Clinical Performance Solutions to better reflect what we do—guide our clients to achieving better efficiency, quality and overall performance, allowing them to compete and thrive in today’s healthcare marketplace.

Top on our list for this year is a focus on our new IMPACT Clinical Performance Assessment. This innovative new tool will allow us to perform a streamlined, standardized evaluation of high risk or high value opportunities for clinical optimization, including targets like readmissions, hospital acquired conditions, clinical documentation, perioperative and periprocedural throughput, ED throughput, ancillary workflows and many other areas.  By focusing on common areas that have significant effects on the bottom line and often are underperforming, we are able to offer a low-cost assessment that can identify hundreds of thousands or potentially even millions in opportunities for improvement.  We’ll then use the results to guide discussions with our clients and help them prioritize their optimization efforts to realize the highest benefits and move siloed performance improvement activities into streamlined optimization projects.

With Impact Advisors as Clinical Optimization leader, we will be continuing to improve our staffing by hiring the best and brightest, continuing to develop new tools that can help streamline optimization projects, including operational readiness and change management activities. In addition, we’ll continue to collaborate with our clients to develop new services that will assist them in realizing the highest level of benefits. In short, we’ll be looking to create as much value as possible for our clients!

Many thanks to all of our clients that validated Impact Advisors’ work to-date by ranking us top of the list in the Best of KLAS: Software and Services Report. We look forward to continuing our strong client relationships, and partnering with them in 2017 to optimize their clinical performance!

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