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Pinching Myself to Make Sure this is Real…

In August of 2010, I decided it was time for a job change. My current role at a local health system was stale, and a consulting role including travel and variety of responsibilities was appealing. I posted my resume on one of the well-known employment websites to see if there was a place for me in this new and exciting world. I was unprepared for the number of contacts and responses received, but I am ever grateful for the day Impact Advisors’ recruiter called me.

I soon had three active offers from firms including Impact and it was time to make a decision. What an overwhelming process! Ultimately Impact Advisors was the place for me based on a number of factors including “gut reaction.” I have never once regretted my decision as Impact Advisors is far and above its competition.

What makes Impact Advisors so special? There are three items that immediately come to mind: Quality of Leadership, Culture, and People.

Our leadership team is wise as they plan for the future of the firm. They constantly monitor trends to help position the firm to meet the changing needs of clients, and they make decisions to ensure the firm’s financial stability. Actions are based on the Golden Rule, treating others such as employees and clients, as they would like to be treated. A few examples:

  • Leadership cares. Ensuring employee wellness is a focus for Impact. In order to support this, the leadership team prioritized providing FitBits to any interested Associate in the firm. These pedometers have provided benefits including visual motivation to achieve daily exercise goals, an opportunity for bonding with other Impact employees via exercise and friendly competition, and better health.
  • Leadership listens:
    • In a staff survey last year, employees expressed a need for a different dental insurance provider. Leadership heard the request, completed research, and met the need by making a change.
    • Employees were concerned about the weight of laptops. Smaller and lighter laptops are now the standard.
    • Employees noted that the difference in state taxes between home state and working state negatively affected income. Leadership developed a plan to offset these tax differences.
  • Leadership is approachable. Any of our leadership team is available to us whenever we need them. I once needed assistance with a password for the firm’s time and expense software at 10 pm on a Friday evening. I reached out and received a response from one of our Vice Presidents. My issue was resolved by 10:30 pm that same evening, despite the inconvenient time.

Another special thing about Impact is the culture. At Impact, we are called “Winners” and we are treated as such. The culture is positive, supportive, and based on principles including integrity and caring. The firm’s mission is “Create a Positive Impact.”

To ensure this positive culture, Impact Advisors employs a Happyologist. His whole job is making sure that Associates are happy. As an Associate, the random acts of kindness performed by our Happyologist are my favorite. Just today I received a birthday gift and well wishes from Impact and our Happyologist.

The final item that sets Impact Advisors apart as a firm is our people. At Impact, we are a team. If another Winner has a question or faces an unfamiliar client situation, it is common and well accepted for that person to send a firm wide email requesting suggestions. As I travel from project to project, I am always thrilled to meet the amazing group of fellow Winners who make up this wonderful family of a firm. After four years of employment, I am still pinching myself to make sure this is real.

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