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Leveraging data and artificial intelligence (AI) is a valuable opportunity for healthcare organizations, from enabling precision and personalized medicine to supporting business strategies to achieving operational performance targets. Impact Advisors’ experts will help your team quickly assess, establish foundations, enhance analytics competency, and demonstrate transformative value.


The most common challenge among healthcare organizations is the lack of a clear enterprise-wide data and AI strategy, goals, or actionable roadmap. Without a clear vision of what you want to achieve, data and AI often becomes an assortment of expensive, disjointed reporting tools with little chance of providing meaningful insights or value.

Common challenges cited by healthcare organizations include:

  • Data distrust or lack of agreement on common definitions, e.g., length of stay
  • Multiple, costly analytics applications that are not delivering ROI
  • Analytics stakeholders work in silos or are not well-aligned across the organization
  • Lack of resources, skills, or focus limits ability to execute on critical projects in a timeline manner
  • Data governance is not mature and may be cumbersome or non-existent
Value Delivered

Maximize ROI

of data and AI investments

Reduce costs

through analytics platform consolidation, staff benchmarking and optimization modeling

Measure and drive

improved performance

How We Deliver Value

Impact Advisors helps you envision the big picture of data, enterprise analytics, and AI, develop a plan that considers where you are today and what can reasonably be achieved over the near and long-term, and then supports your team with tools, resources, and expertise at every step of your journey.

Our data and AI professionals average 20 years of experience in roles ranging from executive-level strategic analytics to program leadership to technical engineering and development of data products across a variety of industries. Their expertise ranges from highly relevant technical skills (e.g., Epic Analytics Suite, Healthy Planet, Tableau, Power BI, Oracle, SQL, Azure, IBM, Hadoop, etc.) and strategic skills, such as SDOH, Data Governance, and Program Management.

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  1. Assessment and Planning for Analytics Performance: Conducting thorough evaluations to identify current capabilities and areas for improvement in analytics performance.

  2. Analytics Strategy for Mergers and Acquisitions: Developing strategic plans to integrate and leverage analytics during corporate restructuring or business expansion.

  3. Evaluating AI System Effectiveness: Measuring the performance and impact of AI systems to ensure they meet desired outcomes and provide value.

  4. Structuring an Analytics Team with Industry Practices: Building an analytics team based on best practices within the industry to optimize collaboration and efficiency.

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  1. Assessing, Designing, and Implementing Value Targeted Analytics Solutions: Evaluating business needs to design and implement analytics solutions that deliver targeted value.

  2. Moving Analytics to Cloud Platforms (Epic Nebula, Azure, Snowflake): Transitioning analytics operations to cloud platforms for enhanced scalability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

  3. Expertise in Data Visualization and Data Architecture: Demonstrating advanced skills in presenting data visually and structuring data architecture to support analytics insights.

  4. Agile Development and Coaching for Analytics Products: Employing agile methodologies in the development of analytics products and providing coaching to ensure agile practices.

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  1. Data Asset Discovery & Analysis: Identifying and cataloging key data assets and prioritizing those most valuable to your organization.

  2. Implementing Analytics ROI Measurement: Establishing metrics and processes to calculate the return on investment for analytics initiatives and enable effective decision-making.

  3. Consolidating Analytics Tools and Data Migration: Streamlining analytics tools and processes, and managing the migration of data to new systems.

  4. Comprehensive Analytics Services with Specialized Staff Augmentation: Offering a full suite of analytics services, supplemented by specialized staff to address specific needs.

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With Impact Advisors’ guidance, Lee Health developed a roadmap focused on evolving organizational mindsets, skillsets, and toolsets to deliver actionable insights and more business value from analytics. In three years, the organization reversed its quality and safety performance, earning financial incentives and a 5-Star rating from CMS.

The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada’s most research-intensive hospital and the largest center dedicated to improving children’s health in the country, embarked on a multi-year program to develop a scalable Analytics ecosystem and infrastructure platform to support achievement of its 5-Year Strategic Plan.

A pediatric research hospital engaged Impact Advisors to advance the organization’s data and analytics maturity. We assessed its current state analytics ecosystem, technologies, data, and governance and provided recommendations and actionable next steps.

Intending to double customer volume in 5 years, a healthcare payer organization embarked on a digital transformation strategy that required world-class data governance. A focused, 4-month initiative created a flexible and fully operational data governance model.



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Our Leaders

Liam Bouchier

Our Leaders

Liam Bouchier - Data & AI Practice Lead

Liam’s 15-year career has been largely focused on enterprise-scale data systems transformation in both the private and public sectors, with well over a decade focused on healthcare data systems across care transformation, population health, research, “big data” technologies, and EMR data ecosystems. More recently, he has been helping clients navigate emerging AI technologies and their real-world application in healthcare to improve patient outcomes, improve quality and lower cost.

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