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Hospital systems are feeling the financial burden and operating loss impact on their medical groups. Misalignment between physician groups and organizational strategies and goals can hurt overall financial viability.  


Impact Advisors can transform your medical group into a high-performing, value-generating provider enterprise. Our experience, coupled with a data-driven approach, enables us to develop proven strategies to improve your operational and financial performance. Typical challenges include:

  • Aligning patient demand and capacity
  • Achieving greater patient access
  • Optimizing central scheduling centers
  • Improving fragmented technology inhibiting flow of information
  • Reducing operational costs given significant provider investment
  • Recruiting and retaining high-quality providers
  • Minimizing staff and provider burnout
Value Delivered

Increased patient satisfaction

Through improved access, patients can get the care they need when they need it.

Retain high-quality staff and providers

Involving your team in improvement initiatives and better aligning needed resources leads to stronger staff engagement and reduced turnover.

Improved financial performance

Streamlining processes to increase patient access and improve clinical documentation leads to additional revenue opportunities.

How We Deliver Value

Our team brings a robust combination of clinical, operations, analytics and IT expertise to the table. This background and knowledge allow us to analyze and determine the right structure, processes, and tools to put in place within your physician practice. Making it easier for your staff to improve patient access and scheduling, which drives increased revenue and provider satisfaction.

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High-performing patient service centers are a top driver of financial improvement and provider satisfaction. Our experts can help develop and design optimal inbound telephone and online support for patients, clinicians, and staff. Additionally, concierge services can add personal attention, detail, and convenience to patient scheduling. We have extensive experience in standardizing appointment confirmations patient recall processes, as well as optimizing patient online scheduling tools.

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There is often a mismatch between patient demand and provider capacity, often due to complex and restrictive templates. Using our proprietary tools and innovative methodologies, our team can develop clearly defined patient appointment slots that optimize your individual providers’ time and considers the natural variances between specialties. This means patients can receive the right care when they need it.

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Through the review of staffing models, associated roles and responsibilities, site visits, and observations, we can assess how well your office is staffed relative to patient demand. Our team can identify whether adding new roles or flexing the number of team members can better serve patients and ensure clinicians are practicing at top of license.


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Taking care of the providers who take care of your patients in today’s high-stress environment is critical. Involving your providers in improvement initiatives and key decisions helps with engagement and alignment. Additionally, their compensation and incentives need to be tied to your overall organizational goals and strategies. Our team can help assess and recommend incentive structures that align payment and performance.

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Correct coding and documentation can maximize your reimbursement. We can address common provider challenges in coding and documentation processes and workflows to improve your revenue and provider satisfaction. Giving your providers more time to focus on patient care.

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Ineffective management and governance structures can drag down performance. This is often found when an organization has experienced significant growth. Our team can help develop models and frameworks to ensure your medical offices continue to run smoothly after our engagement ends.

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Our work with a large network of dermatology clinics led to a $4.6 million increase in revenue and a more than 10% increase in volume of patients seen.



Increase in Volume of Patients Seen

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Our Leaders

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Our Leaders

Paige Ratliff - Physician Enterprise Expert

Paige is a seasoned professional focused on provider compensation and physician alignment with a broad range of experiences with academic medical centers, physician groups, large hospitals, and health systems. She has expertise in assessing medical group financial and operational performance, designing provider compensation plans to align with organizational goals, and improving provider productivity and patient access.

John Klare - Managing Partner

John is a highly accomplished, results-oriented, senior executive and consultant with experience in healthcare provider business transformation, operations improvement, revenue cycle, and new service line development. He is a proven leader with experience in multiple start-ups/private equity/IPOs. John has an outstanding track record of new business development for complex consulting and large business process outsourcing (BPO) contracts.  

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