Application Managed Services

Application Managed Services

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From targeted staffing to comprehensive, outcomes-based solutions for your enterprise applications and platforms

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“The consultants are very knowledgeable and responsive to any concerns or need for change. Impact Advisors talks about being a partner, and they show up as a partner. They don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk. They are humble enough to receive feedback and do their best to act on it. I never feel like I am being sold a bill of goods. Those are the things I really appreciate about working with them.”

Director – October 2023


With healthcare’s declining margins, CIOs face mandates to find 10%+ reductions in IT operating budgets, despite rising staffing costs, higher attrition rates, greater demand for IT support of strategic initiatives and transformation roadmaps, etc., all demanding more from less.

  • IT operating costs and forecasts
  • Scalability through growth / transformation
  • IT attrition and institutional knowledge
  • Competing priorities and project throughput
  • User experience and first contact resolution
  • Support service reporting and transparency
  • Service innovations, automations, and emerging technologies for support efficiency
  • EHR ROI and user productivity
  • Vendor relationships / contracts to manage
Value Delivered
accelerate strategic projects

Accelerate strategic projects and reduce disruptions

boost employee satisfaction

Boost employee satisfaction and reduce attrition

Improve experiences and trust in IT

Improve experiences and trust in IT

Evolve your support program while reducing costs

Evolve your support program while reducing costs

How We Deliver Value

Impact Advisors offers tailored solutions and teams that are aligned to enterprise goals. We adopt your tools and technologies to manage and report and develop shared roadmaps to integrated outcomes. From targeted staffing to comprehensive, outcomes-based solutions, we support enterprise and adjacent business and clinical applications including EHRs, ERPs, and ITSMs.

Managed IT Services – Common Complaints and What You Can Do

A common complaint we hear from organizations who have tried unsuccessfully to find a good Managed Services Provider is “the best support staff don’t stick around.” In this short video, we explain why this happens and offer actions you can take to get a better outcome.

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Our team of proven agents, analysts, and developers is here to support your healthcare applications in a variety of ways. Whether it’s large-scale EHR application support or tailored packages to achieve specific outcomes, we seek to understand your immediate and future goals to create the best support program for your organization.

  • After hours / on-call support
  • Application, error, interface, report, ticket triage, and work queue management
  • Business and clinical application break/fix, service requests, and projects
  • Comprehensive support and maintenance (KTLO or “keep the lights on”)
  • Content, database, provider files, and access and provisioning management
  • Go-lives, patches, releases, updates, and upgrades
  • Training curriculum and environment management
  • Unit, integrated, and upgrade testing and testing scripts management
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We understand that clinical efficiency is central to positive patient outcomes, and reducing time to resolution for clinician questions directly affects clinical efficiency. Taken a step further, with the proper feedback loops our team can aid in improving workflows and reducing workarounds through the assessment of reported incidents and clinician questions. With the assistance of Gen AI, we can also provide this feedback much timelier and improve upon self-help and self-healing tools.

  • Specialized provider / clinician support and personalization for EHRs
  • Self-help and self-healing service options
  • Gen AI assisted services
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An application transition is a sensitive time in an organization’s IT journey. We provide a programmatic approach to legacy support, ensuring that we not only KTLO, but continuously look for improvements in your processes and cost reduction opportunities as appropriate. We can also thoughtfully plan staffing to cross over from legacy support to additional go-live or post-go-live support as needed.

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Building and supporting an affiliate program is an important strategic initiative that needs specialized direction and attention. Our managed services teams understand that your affiliates are your customers, but also the importance of balancing customer service, customization, and maintenance efficiency. We can help manage the day-to-day support as well as the dynamics between a host site and contracted affiliates.

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  • IT / EHR support team: design, staffing, allocation, utilization, performance, cost
  • ​IT / EHR support program: service levels, change management, knowledge base, optimization, throughput, output, cost
  • IT / EHR support customers: operations, service line leaders, end users, affiliates
  • EHR customization costs: affiliates, build, maintenance, testing, upgrades
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Often, organizations find themselves with backlogs of report requests or an upcoming list of report initiatives and not enough hands to complete them all. Fluctuating demand and cost challenges can also make it difficult to hire and retain report writers. Our managed reporting team can provide reliable reporting resources for long-term support and in a fractional capacity.

  • Incidents, enhancements, maintenance, and new report requests
  • Development of self-help reporting tools like Epic’s Slicer Dicer, and associated training programs to improve utilization and end-user engagement.

Our Leaders

2022 Headshot
Kristi Lanciotti

Our Leaders

John Lanari - Application Managed Services Practice Leader

John has worked with over 150+ healthcare providers and payers, navigating the complexities of academic institutions, the commotion of mergers and acquisitions, the constraints of regional facilities, and communication across stakeholders. He has led projects, implementations, digital transformations, and daily support and maintenance.

Kristi Lanciotti - Application Managed Services Practice Leader

Kristi is a healthcare professional with 16 years of uniquely combined experience in healthcare operations, healthcare IT, and managed and advisory services. Her specialized areas include IT and operations integration, leadership and staff development, change management, cost-quality initiatives, P&L management, process improvement, automation, and Epic software applications.

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