Accelerating Growth & Innovation

Growth & Innovation

Now is the time to be bold.

In today’s climate, “nothing like we’ve seen before” seems to be a universally shared sentiment. In healthcare, an unprecedented global crisis continues to hold volumes down and drive costs up, and few will survive status quo. It’s time for equally unprecedented solutions: new ways to compete, innovate and grow, to offer better care, more efficiently, to a broader population.

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We Have Your Back

We listen to understand your goals and challenges, then develop innovative and holistic strategies and demonstrate their viability and value. Next—and this is where you’ll find we’re different—we help you fund those strategies with targeted improvement initiatives and “hard-wire” changes with structures and systems that ensure sustainability and continuous improvement.

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Informed, agile decision-making is a critical enabler for any organization, especially those on the leading edge of innovation. Our experts will help you leverage existing tools to access and interpret data, turning it into actionable insights owned by your team.

Data & AI
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The complexity of pulling together two or more organizations cannot be understated, and that’s after the grueling process of determining it’s the right thing to do in the first place. Impact Advisors offers expertise at every stage – due diligence, planning, integrating, and operating – to help achieve your M&A objectives and deliver the value expected.

Mergers & Acquisitions
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For any significant organizational change to succeed, people must understand it, adapt to it, and embrace it. Impact Advisors brings a structured approach, certified change experts, and a strong commitment to helping you cultivate these responses instinctively, for this change and those to come.


Change Management
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