Payer Innovation

Payer Innovation

Disrupting the market by inventing new products and services.

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How We Deliver Value

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We help you design and launch new products and services that meet the needs and preferences of your customers. We also help you manage and enhance existing products and services, and optimize their pricing and profitability.


We help you leverage the latest technologies and digital solutions to enhance capabilities, improve customer experience, and create competitive advantage. We also help you integrate and modernize IT systems and platforms, and ensure their security and reliability.

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By harnessing the power of data and analytics, we help payers generate insights, drive actions, and measure outcomes. We also help you build and maintain data infrastructure, governance, and capabilities, and comply with data privacy and regulations.

Our Leaders

Joshua Pierce
Vijay Murugappan

Our Leaders

Joshua Pierce - Payer Solutions Expert

Joshua is an industry expert who has a deep understanding and professional experience across the length and breadth of the healthcare value chain, from building talented analytics teams for population health leaders to consulting for major national health plans and advising Fortune 500 clients on employee healthcare plans. He has a successful track record in implementing, analyzing, and optimizing programs across the full spectrum of digital and traditional healthcare solutions.

Vijay Murugappan - Payer Services Practice Lead

Vijay is a passionate advocate for a healthcare system that delivers quality health outcomes at appropriate cost. Through a rich set of experiences in various disciplines (organizational strategy and process improvement, sales, revenue and profit management, analytics, operations) across multiple industries (healthcare, retail, consumer products, high tech, government, and logistics), Vijay has built teams that come together with a common purpose, a sense of trust and respect, and a maniacal focus on customer success to deliver outstanding business results.