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Our History

Impact Advisors was founded in 2007 by Andrew and Peter Smith and a handful of experienced colleagues who had worked together previously as consultants and in executive roles at some of the nation’s foremost health delivery organizations. The group envisioned a firm of the best talent, obsessed with providing the highest quality services to positively impact the most important of industries – healthcare.

The firm’s initial focus was on improving healthcare through technology, work for which we earned numerous quality-of-service awards and a “trusted advisor” reputation in the industry. Many of our original clients still engage us today. Over time, we began to build on this reputation, adding services and competencies to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

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In 2019, Impact Advisors entered a strategic partnership with Chicago Pacific Founders (CPF), a certified WBE investment firm exclusively focused on healthcare services and caring for aging populations. CPF’s relationships and capital investments enabled us to further broaden our portfolio of services.

Today, we offer a comprehensive, integrated set of solutions and expertise that creates sustainable value for our clients, elevating our reputation from “trusted advisor” to “trusted partner.”

Our Winners are our greatest asset and we invest heavily in them.

Our strong foundation, evolution, and growth is only half the story. Impact Advisors’ ability to exceed our clients’ expectations – our success – is predicated on hiring and retaining the best talent, and only people who are equally passionate about improving healthcare. Our associates (“Winners”) are our greatest asset, and we invest heavily in cultivating a culture of diversity, inclusion, engagement, and personal and professional growth. In fact, we have a team dedicated to developing our world class culture and ensuring Winner satisfaction. We proudly display our multiple “best place to work” awards as evidence of our success in this regard.

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Since our inception, Impact Advisors has enjoyed consistent annual growth and has provided services to well over 400 clients nationwide and internationally. We steadily maintain our exclusive focus on healthcare and our mission to Create a positive Impact in this vital, evolving industry.

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