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ERP: Human Capital Management

ERP: Human Capital Management

Is your organization using an antiquated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution – one that no longer provides needed utility, or requires multiple customizations and bolt-on solutions to do so? 

  • Is your current technological infrastructure stretched beyond useful life?
  • Is your lack of a fully integrated solution impeding progress and leading to operational inefficiencies (and greater risk to data integrity)?
  • Is the exponential cost to upgrade multiple “patched” solutions becoming a liability?

Is your organization ready to attract and retain the workforce of the future? 

  • On-demand information and easy-to-use applications that work on any device
  • Employee-centric services that remove barriers, empower the workforce and create operational efficiencies
  • Optimized technology and mature business processes that enhance employee experience, engagement and performance

Why is the Human Capital Management (HCM) transformation journey so critical in today’s competitive healthcare system landscape?

A fully integrated ERP solution (one source of truth) provides real-time data analytics and reporting linked to overall business strategies and objectives. The availability and integrity of the data empowers employees to identify skill gaps, analyze trends and render sound decision-making related to attracting, retaining and rewarding talent.  With the next generation, fully integrated ERP solution, the HCM transformation journey seamlessly evolves with the changing demands of a diverse workforce and the competitive landscape.

Impact Advisors is expert at navigating “Next Generation” ERP solutions focused on the Healthcare industry.

ERP products have been used in healthcare for a long time, and today, ERP vendors are focused on maturing the software solution to be more centric to healthcare business and strategic needs.  Leveraging vast ERP product knowledge and deep understanding of healthcare business trends and strategies, Impact Advisors partners with healthcare organizations to assess current capability against future requirements, compare and evaluate available solutions, understand the business case for and total cost of ownership of the recommended solution, and use all the artifacts generated throughout the process to “sell” the solution to the people who will be impacted by the change.

Our ERP (Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial Management) Assessment through Selection Approach: 

Engaging with your stakeholders throughout the process to ensure buy-in and ownership of the next generation solution, Impact Advisors will:

  • Document current state business, including people, processes and technology
  • Assess and identify pain points that are inhibiting growth
  • Complete a comprehensive investment or total cost of ownership model, along with long-term benefit realization
  • Develop the business case and supporting decision-making criteria

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