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Etholution: Culture Shaping Program

Evolving Corporate or Departmental Ethos to Improve Programmatic Success

As the healthcare industry embraces more and more new technology, learning to effectively manage the “people” side of these implementations is becoming crucial to success. In fact, the management of change and navigation of corporate culture are often the most difficult and riskiest aspects of any large organizational transformation project.

Culture shaping, or “EtholutionTM,” is a process-driven journey guided by engaged leaders to change group norms and accepted behaviors.  It requires a defined strategy and unwavering commitment to pull the entire organization toward common goals and behaviors.

Why Culture Shaping?

Building a constructive and high-performing culture helps organizations align and prioritize their direction and goals. Ensuring cultural awareness allows leaders to identify and address elements of company culture that are preventing the achievement of those goals.

A strong culture leads to:

  • Improved ability to meet client/customer needs
  • Higher quality results
  • Better financial performance
  • Greater patient satisfaction
  • Higher employee and provider engagement
  • Improved employee retention
  • More successful change implementation
  • Legal compliance
  • Inter-team and intra-team cooperation
  • Attraction of talent

Why Impact Advisors’ EtholutionTM?

Impact Advisors places significant value in developing and preserving our own culture, and our efforts are recognized in our industry.

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