Supporting the Impact Advisors Team

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Mar 22, 2024

Supporting the Impact Advisors Team

Megan Keegan

Written by Megan Keegan

The Operations team at Impact Advisors supports our Winners and clients through many areas of the firm. The work ranges from recruiting top talent, marketing our consultants’ work through thought leadership, properly staffing to ensure client needs are met, enabling the right technology to collaborate and ensure effective delivery, and ensuring Winners are valued.

Learn more about what the Operations team does daily. Our team members have shared what they do and why they do it. If you’re interested in joining us, check out our open positions.

“Impact Advisors’ commitment to quality, inclusive culture, and recognition of individual contributions has helped to foster my personal growth and sense of fulfillment that makes each workday rewarding.”
– Lisa B., Director of Operations
Lisa Beining

Department: Proposals

“I oversee the Proposals team and sales support process for the firm. My responsibilities include defining the proposal tools/templates, creating, and enhancing winning content, coordinating team efforts, ensuring compliance with firm standards, and conducting quality reviews. The Proposals team contributes to client satisfaction by developing responsive and high-quality proposals that align closely with client requirements and are presented professionally to positively reflect Impact Advisors’ top-notch consultants and services.”

– Lisa B., Director of Operations

Department: Recruitment

“I engage with internal stakeholders to understand project requirements, identify viable candidates with the right skills and Winner qualities, ensure candidate satisfaction throughout the interview process, and follow up with regular touch points post-hire to ensure the placement is satisfactory for all parties. I’ve been a Senior Recruiter for almost 4 years, delivering to Strategic Advisory and Cerner Implementation Services hiring and staffing needs.”

– Tiffany F., Senior Recruiter  

Tiffany Flowers
Annie Jay

Department: Staffing

“Responsibilities of the staffing team include working with the sales, recruiting, and operations teams to gather information and ensure roles are staffed to the best of our ability. This contributes to client satisfaction by making sure we have the right person for the right role. My experience at Impact Advisors has been one of helping people. I see it every day that our teams think about the patients, the clients, and our Winners as people. We are all in this together!”

– Annie J., Senior Operations Analyst

Department: Human Resources

“There are many facets to the HR department.  We strive to care for our Winners with competitive benefits, work/life balance and an exceptional overall employee experience.  We work with experts internally and externally to ensure we are making the best decisions for our Winners and Impact Advisors.  We celebrate our Winner’s achievements and Firm growth by initiating and implementing practices and policies that support both.  In my 12 years with Impact Advisors, I have had the pleasure of working with both the HR and Finance teams.  The collaboration across multi-functional teams within Impact Advisors has offered me the unique experience of contributing to the Firm on many levels.”

– Renee K., Director of HR

Renee Kalejs
Karrie Schenke

Department: Finance

“My main responsibility is financial reporting and analysis. My role is to identify, record, and communicate internal and external transactions. Accurate accounting contributes to client satisfaction in several ways. Perhaps the most important element from the client perspective is the transparency and trust regarding billed revenues. Client satisfaction is also increased by firm leadership making sound decisions supported by relevant financial information. For the last 8 years, I have had the opportunity to witness and support the growth of the firm. I am grateful to be part of such a wonderful and supportive team.”

– Karrie S., Operations Director

Department: Accounting

“Ensuring our clients are receiving accurate invoices is a priority as a Senior Operations Analyst on the Accounting team. My experience at Impact Advisors has been amazing so far. I have had the opportunity to meet/work with so many different people and learn so much about the healthcare industry.”

– Aisha B., Senior Operations Analyst

Aisha Bell
Colleen Toole

Department: Marketing

“As part of the Marketing team, it’s important for us to clearly illustrate how our services can help our clients succeed. Whether it’s through our website, sales collateral, social posts, industry presentations, etc., we want to share how our work has provided meaningful results for our clients. We regularly meet with our leaders and the consultants who are on the pulse of what’s going on in healthcare to help us provide insights and thought leadership on a myriad of topics, including improving financial performance, enhancing care delivery, ensuring technology value and security, and accelerating growth and innovation.

I appreciate the collaborative nature that is present here. The people at Impact Advisors genuinely care about helping each other succeed, and they care about their fellow colleagues. That is a rare combination to find in the workplace and one that is very special.”

– Colleen T., Marketing Director

Department: Technology

“The technology team works behind the scenes to ensure optimal performance of all IT systems with a focus on equipment uptime and consultant satisfaction. A happy consultant with working equipment leads to a positive experience with clients.”

– Wil R., Technical Services Manager

Wil Rowald
Keegan Hazen Use This One

Department: Happy Team

“The Impact Herald role is focused on our internal communications and supporting our Happy Team / Happyologist. Some of the key activities the role involves are coordinating, scaling, and delivering our quarterly communications, conducting orientations for all Winners, and supporting Happy Team activities like our High Impact Awards, Happiness Sharing Opportunities, Happy Checks, VIP Calls, and Impact Palooza annual retreat (to name a few). In the last 7 years, this role has involved running our culture-building activities, activities to support the health of our Winners, supporting the HR team and Marketing teams, jumping into client work, optimizing internal workflows and systems, managing our performance review system, and more.”

– Keegan H., Impact Herald/Operations Manager

Everyone at Impact Advisors, including our Operations Team, is committed to helping each other and our clients succeed. If you’re interested in joining our team, check out our current openings.