Impact Advisors Hires John Lanari and Kristi Lanciotti as Vice Presidents

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Dec 12, 2023

Impact Advisors Hires John Lanari and Kristi Lanciotti as Vice Presidents

Written by Impact Advisors

Category: Application Management Services - Healthcare News

Healthcare IT and Application Management Services experts to join senior leadership team

Impact Advisors, a leading healthcare management consulting firm, has announced that John Lanari and Kristi Lanciotti have joined its Strategic Implementation Team as vice presidents. Lanari will drive value for clients through integrated technologies and services and Lanciotti will lead delivery for application management services (AMS) and legacy support.

Impact Advisors offers comprehensive AMS solutions that manage teams and deliver outcomes for EHRs, ERPs, and the portfolio of live and legacy healthcare applications. The firm’s solutions guide healthcare organizations through transformation and adapt service to the corresponding focus and demands at each phase.

The duo combines over 30 years in the healthcare industry and has demonstrated success building AMS practices while delivering exceptional results to clients.

  • Lanari levels financial realities with experiences and outcomes, aligning the goals, risks, rewards, and investments that guide IT in the service of patient care. He embeds agility for long-term partnership and shared success, and he earns trust by matching expectations with execution.
  • Lanciotti fuses the vision of healthcare leaders with the dedication of trusted teams, balancing change with operations and continuous improvement initiatives. She has earned trust leading physician groups, EHR implementations, and managed application teams at scale.

Their combined talents, collaborative approach, and entrepreneurial spirit will enable Impact Advisors to further penetrate the healthcare market with its continuum of services and accelerate value to clients.