Impact Advisors Receives High Overall Performance Score in KLAS Data & Analytics Services Report

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Dec 04, 2023

Impact Advisors Receives High Overall Performance Score in KLAS Data & Analytics Services Report

Written by Impact Advisors

Category: Data & Analytics

Firm noted for most consistent client experience and securing stakeholder buy-in

Impact Advisors, a leading healthcare management consulting firm, has been recognized as a top provider of data & analytics services by KLAS Research. The report, “Data & Analytics Services 2023,” outlined the types of consulting engagements and performance among analytics firms. Survey respondents were asked questions focused on five customer experience pillars including loyalty, operations, relationship, services and value. Impact Advisors received an overall performance score of 95 out of 100.

In the report, interviewed clients viewed Impact Advisors as the go-to firm with the ability to form strategic, long-term partnerships. The consultants were also noted as knowledgeable and productive. Impact Advisors was the highest-rated firm for securing stakeholder buy-in and promoting organizational alignment. Clients highlight the firm’s uniquely qualified staff, including physicians and nurse scientists, who helped drive buy-in from clinical staff. As the report noted, securing stakeholder buy-in is an integral part of the success of data and analytics strategies.

“It’s critically important to have C-level alignment and commitment, as well as strategic utilization of data, to leverage generative AI in healthcare transformation,” said Liam Bouchier, vice president, Data & AI, at Impact Advisors. “We are proud Impact Advisors is leading the industry in securing strong stakeholder engagement, a key factor in maximizing the value potential of data-driven transformations.”

An interviewed vice president shared the comprehensive approach offered by the firm, “We brought Impact Advisors in to do a full assessment of our approach to enterprise data analytics. We were looking at everything from the products that we were using to the way we had analytics structured across the corporation. Then they provided recommendations for optimal structure and roadmaps for how to get from where we were to where we needed to be. They also helped advise us along the way and stand up some of the capabilities that were missing.”

Impact Advisors was recognized as being widely used across all data and analytics services engagement categories. The firm offers a broad portfolio of solutions to help healthcare clients, including analytics architecture, governance, operational analytics and data migration strategies.