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M&A continues to be powerful tool for healthcare organizations looking to increase market share, improve financial stability, expand value-based care or achieve a variety of care delivery transformation objectives. But the work required to navigate M&A obstacles should not be underestimated. Challenges include:

  • No clear, compelling, shared vision of what you are trying to accomplish or plan for achieving it
  • Leadership unaware of project complexity (cost, resources, and time)
  • Conflicting priorities
  • Resource constraints due to scale of integration
  • Lack of cultural alignment or assimilation
Value Delivered

Speed to results

and achievement of financial and care delivery objectives

Synergy realization

driven through careful planning, simplification of process and technology, and cultural assimilation

Risk management

including financial, organizational, security, regulatory compliance

How We Deliver Value

In our firm’s history, we have developed and executed merger or acquisition (or divestiture) strategic roadmaps for over 30 clients, including some of the largest and most complex organizations in the industry. Our team’s combination of clinical, technical and operational experience, coupled with our firm’s broad portfolio of expertise will ensure your growth strategy is successful. Our contributions reflect this experience, with a deep understanding of both the organizational and IT implications of M&A, focusing on “what works” and what delivers value.

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Before making any commitment, hospital leadership should reflect on their strategic business goals and vision for the future and determine how an M&A transaction might help them achieve that vision. In our experience, the most successful IT strategies are born from a compelling organizational vision and a clear business strategy. We can help explore and define both, conduct a market analysis, identify targets, assess compatibility, and facilitate a decision to proceed.

We can also help you establish essential governance, plan due diligence, consider best practices, efficiency opportunities, regulatory requirements, and clarify how you’ll measure success and quantify value. Early planning is crucial for success.

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We are thorough and methodical, gathering and verifying the information you need to understand and evaluate the risks and rewards of the merger, acquisition, or divestiture. The scope of this management effort ranges from operational interviews, process reviews, rationalization of infrastructure, systems and resources, data migration consideration, and cost and benefit modeling. Due diligence plays a pivotal role in reducing overall risk associated with M&A activity.

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Impact Advisors leverages our industry knowledge and experience and our cross-collaborative portfolio of expertise to deliver phased organizational and IT integration plans. We take best practices from healthcare as well as other industries to create flexible, scalable, and sustainable approaches that incorporate current trends in applications rationalization, digital health, patient engagement, cloud computing, cybersecurity, outsourcing, other technology innovations, and emerging organizational models.

The planning team will:

  • Identify critical initiatives and develop an integration roadmap, including a Day 1 readiness plan

  • Create synergy / savings realization plan, including annual targets, realization plan, and tracking tool

  • Establish robust shared governance and strong foundation systems while maintaining flexibility, managing change and assimilating cultures

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Impact Advisors brings a robust project management approach and toolkit to manage integration project prioritization and dependencies, coordinate activities and key milestones, and ensure operational continuity, including providing legacy system maintenance and support. We engage your leadership and teams throughout the process to maximize knowledge transfer.

We also place emphasis on aligning the cultures of the merging organizations.  We utilize our experience and culture-shaping tools to assist in designing a culture for the new, combined organization that will be sustainable and aligned with your new organizational goals and expectations.

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Upon successful implementation of integration plans, the team’s focus shifts toward measuring value realization, reviewing and refining plans, further optimization, and looking for new opportunities to expand capabilities and grow.

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As a full-service exclusively healthcare-focused professional services firm, Impact Advisors is well positioned to provision any and all staff augmentation resources (project managers, skilled analysts, technical/infrastructures experts, change management leads, readiness experts, training leads, go-live resources, help desk resources, etc.) as needed and defined in the technical and organizational integration plans.

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Impact Advisors supported the merger of two health systems that created the 10th largest, non-for-profit, integrated healthcare system in the U.S. (at the time, 500 sites of care, 8,800 physicians and 70,000 team members). Work included IT strategic planning, technology rationalization, and clinical systems planning and implementation.

Impact Advisors supported the merger of two health systems that would become the second largest health network in the Greater Chicago area (12 hospitals, 27 senior care facilities, 6 urgent care facilities, and various other sites of care). Impact Advisors executed a full system conversion to merge the two separate Epic instances into one integrated system.

Impact Advisors developed the business and cost model for merging two instances of Epic EHR as part of the merger of a 14-hospital, non-profit health system and its recently acquired hospital. Upon successfully gaining Board approval, we performed due diligence and pre-planning to prepare the organizations for implementation of the merged instances, which began in January of 2022.

Impact Advisors managed the merger of 2 community hospitals and supported the Epic implementation at both facilities.

10th largest

non-profit integrated health system

2 Epic instances

merged into one integrated system


merger with business and cost modeling

2 community hospital

merger with Epic implementation

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Our Leaders

Matt Duncan
Ann LeSavage
Skip Lemon

Our Leaders

Matt Duncan - IT Strategy & Value Solutions Leader

Matt has more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare IT field and has helped many of the nation’s largest and most complex health systems with strategic planning, assessment, and implementation of enterprise vendor strategies. He has also provided executive oversight to multiple, large-scale Epic enterprise implementations. Previous career highlights include serving as Deputy CIO of a large health system, leading the healthcare strategy service of the world’s largest IT research firm, and directing the HIPAA advisory practice of a large consulting firm.

Ann LeSavage - M&A Integration Expert

Ann is a high-energy Information Technology leader with 20 years’ experience delivering outstanding results in a variety of healthcare provider organizations. She is an exceptional leader and a strategic and big-picture thinker, who is adept at planning and executing ambitious, yet achievable, goal-oriented initiatives. She has track record of success leading complex, high visibility initiatives, managing competing priorities, and directing cross-departmental teams.

Bruce "Skip" Lemon - IT Advisory Practice Lead

Skip is a healthcare consulting executive with over 30 years of experience in strategy development, large-scale program management, systems integration, clinical and revenue cycle process improvement, and outsourcing. His career has focused on serving clients in the healthcare industry including providers, health insurance companies, and healthcare software companies with a heavy emphasis on serving healthcare providers.

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