Selecting the Right Organizational Change Management Methodology for Your Organization

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Jul 31, 2023

Selecting the Right Organizational Change Management Methodology for Your Organization

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If your organization has an organizational change initiative planned, a change management methodology can help ensure a successful outcome.

What Is Organizational
Change Management?

The general definition of Organizational change management is the multi-dimensional framework used to manage change and the structure to motivate change in others. The change management industry has made significant efforts to develop change management methodology.

Our Approach to Change Management Methodology

At Impact Advisors we help our clients select the right change management methodology for their most important initiatives, including EHR and ERP implementations, analytics transformations, and others.

The following are elements we consider when counseling our clients on the best change management methodology to incorporate.

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Define Change Management for your organization

Define a collective understanding of Change Management for your organization. Change management has different meanings to different people, including: operational engagement, transformation, operational adoption, and Clinical or Revenue Cycle Readiness. During this definition process you will want to consider these items.

For example, some initiatives focus on operational adoption through end-user training and communication, while others focus on a comprehensive transformation, which takes an individualized approach focused on decreasing change disruption through distinct activities supporting all aspects of change.

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Define Change Management for your initiative

Is your initiative a new system installation where there would be a heavy focus on informing and making the organization aware of the change? Or is this an upgrade to an existing system, which requires focused training and coaching?


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Understand your Organizational Culture

Assess your organizational maturity and tolerance for change by conducting organizational surveys to gauge the fear of change and perception of past change initiatives. Understanding organizational culture also supports the management of resistance to change.

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Review existing organizational Change Management tools and activities

Conduct a current state assessment to understand existing programs and departments that leverage change management principles. Common areas include:

      • Human Resources Employee Development Programs
      • New Employee Onboarding Training and Materials
      • Leadership Development Programs
      • Program Management Office
      • Operational Effectiveness Office


Based on input from the elements above, we then select the best change management methodology for your organization and initiative.  If your organization is already using a specific change management methodology, it’s best to continue with it to ensure a consistent experience. There are several industry-accepted change management methodologies, including:

  • Prosci’s ADKAR – Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement

  • Kotter’s Change Model – Create Urgency, Build a Coalition, Create a Vision, Communicate the Vision, Empower Others, Create Quick Wins, Build on the Change, Embed the Change


Impact Advisors employs our 6 Principles of Change Management Framework, which takes the following into account:

If your organization needs help implementing change management, Impact Advisors offers expert consulting with extensive experience.