Improving Financial Performance

Financial Performance

Transformation-driven margin improvement… Let’s get creative.

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Value delivered now and into the future.

Transformation can include reducing costs, increasing capacity and revenue, utilizing resources more effectively, negotiating better terms for supplies and services, and leveraging technology, automation, and analytics to work smarter and more efficiently. Our solutions are designed to deliver value—addressing both the challenges you see and the ones you’ve yet to uncover—and we implement collaboratively and cross-functionally to create ownership and capability among your teams, because transformation shouldn’t stop when our team wraps a project.

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Impact Advisors’ multi-faceted, highly skilled team will unlock the full potential of your revenue cycle, transforming your business through improved margins, enhanced patient experience, and greater satisfaction of empowered, high-performing teams.

Revenue Cycle Management
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Data-driven solutions that align supply with demand, capture efficiencies, and enable you to better source, retain and manage teams.

Workforce Transformation
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Combining operations, clinical, analytics, and IT expertise, we develop and implement tech-enabled optimization solutions to improve your supply chain’s financial and operational performance.

Supply Chain Optimization
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Clarifying roles and responsibilities, streamlining processes, centralizing services, and utilizing automation can drive significant cost savings (10%) and improve employee engagement without negatively impacting the support delivered or patient care.

Corporate Services Optimization
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