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Telehealth & Virtual Care Services

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Virtual care needs are complex and require a multi-faceted strategy that encompasses the needs of operations, clinical, technology, legal, compliance, vendors, payers and government stakeholders to succeed.



Many healthcare organizations have scrambled to pull together telehealth or other virtual care solutions. Now there is an opportunity to improve upon what was developed with additional insight. However, the ever-changing landscape of telehealth services makes it difficult to identify clear goals with a comprehensive strategy and roadmap. Our experienced virtual care team can guide you from strategic planning through execution to grow your capabilities, stay competitive, and expand patient access.

  • Understanding how virtual care offerings compare to others in the market
  • Determining an appropriate budget and leadership needs
  • Getting accurate data and reports to measure value
  • Establishing appropriate ROI and business models
  • Interpreting the complexities associated with compliance, fraud, malpractice, legal, regulatory, and reimbursement
  • Evaluating accessibility and usability for different patient populations
Value Delivered

Maximize value

of telehealth and virtual care investments

Improve patient access

and increase revenue

Leverage emerging care models

and operations, including Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

Address new or existing competitive threats

by implementing a sound telehealth strategy

How We Deliver Value

Impact Advisors’ team of experts has served in telehealth executive roles within integrated health systems and are recognized thought leaders in the industry. You can be confident our combined clinical, technical, operational, and financial expertise will help ensure your virtual care success, from visioning to strategy to execution.

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We develop strategies, design roadmaps, and assess how virtual care can be used to improve patient access, health, and business outcomes. Our expertise in business planning, leadership and governance, benefits realization, billing and reimbursement optimization, and regulatory compliance enable you to make the best decisions in your ongoing journey. We also help with internal communications, education, and training to deliver optimal success during implementation. Additionally, we can develop remote patient monitoring (RPM) program design and operations.

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We can design and optimize your existing platforms and tools to support your patient access needs. Leveraging our deep technical expertise, we can revamp workflows within your EHR. We can also assist with vendor selection, management, negotiation, and optimization in addition to reviewing strategic partnerships and collaborations. Other solutions include helping with call center efficiency and automation and designing remote and onsite provider workstations, hybrid outpatient spaces, remote patient monitoring (RPM), and centralized access centers to improve your telehealth and virtual care services.

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We can support virtual care as a service within your organization, ranging from interim leadership and implementation to management of your analytics data dashboard. Our team has walked in your shoes, serving in full-time and interim telehealth executive roles.

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We develop governance and management strategies to improve upon and reach your telehealth business goals. Many healthcare providers are now looking to optimize their existing virtual care offerings but need help to better leverage their data for optimal decision-making. Our team can design and implement your enterprise telehealth/virtual care governance operating model. We can also assess the performance of your current vendor(s) and determine whether vendor consolidation makes sense.

Our Leaders

Jay Backstrom
Bryan Arkwright e1664198388731

Our Leaders

Jay Backstrom - Telehealth & Virtual Care Expert

Jay has over 25 years of consulting experience focused exclusively on the healthcare provider market, addressing complex enterprise medical imaging, digital health and telehealth needs for national and regional health systems, academic hospitals, children’s hospitals, and community hospitals. His core competencies include enterprise imaging planning, design, and implementation; clinical and operational performance improvement; IT strategic planning and implementation; telehealth strategic planning, design and implementation. Jay is a frequent speaker, both nationally and internationally, at healthcare conferences, webinars and has had multiple articles published on his thought leadership.

Bryan Arkwright - Telehealth & Virtual Care Expert

Bryan has a proven track record as a results-oriented healthcare professional with over 15 years of progressive leadership experience across complex health systems, consulting firms, digital health startup companies, and academic medical centers. He is recognized for his scalable and innovative telehealth and contact center solutions, superior problem-solving/advising, HIT project management, telehealth operations, strategic planning, business development, and telehealth / digital health research / education. Bryan is a thought leader in the telehealth/virtual care space, publishing in over 30 books, peer reviewed journals, and industry articles. He is a frequent speaker at regional, national, and international conferences and has served as an adjunct professor at Wake Forest University and Ohio University.

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