Workforce Transformation

Workforce Transformation

Data-driven solutions that deliver patient-focused staffing, capture efficiencies, and enable you to better source, engage, retain and manage teams
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“Impact Advisors was there for us. The work they did in our labor engagement far exceeded every expectation we had, and we are surviving. I made a great choice with Impact Advisors. I would buy the firm’s services over and over again. The services are well worth the cost.” – CEO/President, November 2023,


Impact Advisors can help identify and implement ways to manage labor costs through patient-focused staffing while maintaining or improving quality, safety, burnout, and patient/provider experience across your organization.

  • Reducing high premium pay (overtime and agency)
  • Aligning workforce supply with demand and staff appropriately for services
  • Recruiting, retaining, and managing talent
  • Reducing labor expenses
  • Managing increased demand on staff
Value Delivered

5-10% Labor expense reduction

targeting traditional labor factors (skill mix, wages, hours and scheduling) as well as workload (volume fluidity, variation in patient type, workflow efficiency)

Improved employee engagement and morale

due to a more predictable and efficient staffing process and better use of skills

Enhanced patient experience and service quality

based on best practice process, more engaged staff, closer alignment of staff to demand, and strong governance model

How We Deliver Value

Our experts leverage their full complement of clinical, operations, analytics and IT experience to understand your unique circumstance, then deliver technology-enabled solutions that make workforce management and optimizations easier to implement and sustain. Key to our approach is working with our clients to create a culture of continuous labor improvement. We empower front-line managers to run their departments with the accountability of a small business, arming them with available data and an understanding of how their team’s performance and profitability impacts the larger organization.


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Creating a culture committed to continuous labor improvement is a key element of our approach. We empower frontline managers to run their departments like a small business, arming them with available data and an understanding of how their team’s performance and profitability impacts the larger organization.

Our solutions focus on:

  • Teaching staff to make informed, proactive decisions using real-time data

  • Aligning staffing with patient demand – “patient-focused staffing”

  • Creating more flexibility in workforce through appropriate use of resource mix and smart labor pools

  • Coaching management on fiscal accountability

  • Optimizing staffing support and management structures

  • Automate low-value tasks to allow clinicians to operate at the top of license

  • Defining what positions to hire and when through a data-driven approach

  • Controlling and improving provider engagement and burnout

  • Improving operating margin by leveraging advanced analytics and AI for labor expense management

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We combine proven coaching models with the business intelligence of our OPTIX reporting system, empowering your staff to make more informed decisions in their daily work, leading to better efficiency and effectiveness.

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Large Health System

We implemented the OPTIX Reporting System and daily tools to help front-line leaders better manage on a daily basis. We became the resource for all labor management, management development, and budgeting. The client achieved a $160M cumulative improvement to the bottom line over a 3-year period.

Three Hospital System

The system was lacking performance measures and a standardized method to labor management. Management coaching and development were rolled out with the Optix Reporting System. We implemented a performance improvement and labor efficiency process resulting in a $40M turnaround and over $150M in cumulative savings.

Independent Hospital & Physician Practice

The hospital was struggling to implement a clear methodology for labor management while also tackling a serious bottom line problem. Systems, targets, and coaching were implemented. The hospital has achieved over a $30M turnaround with labor, supplies, and volume accumulation. “Left without being seen” and boarding rates in the ER have plummeted while quality and employee engagement scores have skyrocketed. A merit increase was given after a 3-year drought.



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Our Leaders

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Our Leaders

Dave LeClercq - Workforce Management Expert

Dave brings more than 30 years of healthcare consulting and operations experience. As the founder of C2HEALTHCARE and the creator of the OPTIX Reporting System, he stresses the importance of using a combination of coaching and business analytics to guide leaders to optimum performance and lasting improvement. His expertise is focused on leading large-scale operation improvements and financial turnarounds for health systems, academic medical centers, and community hospitals.

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