Change Management

Change Management

Critical to your success but often overlooked

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Many large implementation projects and business transformation initiatives fail to perform the way they were intended due to a lack of focus on change management from the beginning.


We understand healthcare and its challenges and complexities, including its interconnected stakeholders of administrators, clinicians, employees, and patients. Our team recognizes not all hospitals and healthcare systems are the same. A one-size-fits-all change management methodology won’t work. We embed ourselves within your culture to identify your unique needs.

Preparing for your transformation starts with discussing your goals, understanding workflows, and then supporting the communications, training, and organizational readiness essential to your success. Along with deep expertise, our team holds industry-relevant certifications in both change management and various technology platforms.

  • Improve leadership and stakeholder involvement to drive change
  • Strengthen communications to ensure stakeholder understanding
  • Understand cross-functional impacts that can impede progress
  • Optimize outdated labor-intensive business processes
  • Identify available resources to manage and own ongoing change initiatives
Value Delivered

Better decision-making with leadership alignment

and understanding of cross-functional impacts

Improved adoption and efficiency

among teams

Enhanced employee experience

Create culture of change

to make changes more sustainable and to support future initiatives

Change Mgt Principles
  • Leadership: Ensure active and visible leadership at all levels throughout the project
  • Inclusion: Include the voice of the employee throughout the design process
  • Communication: Utilize two-way communications to increase awareness and motivation
  • Metrics: Establish the right metrics to communicate, coach, and train the behaviors to drive desired business outcomes
  • Enablement: Improve the ability of the stakeholders to adopt the system or business process change
  • Reinforcement: Continue improvement through enhancements and suggestions for adapting to business changes
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Enhanced Employee Engagement – Define processes that engage, inspire, and drive performance

Amplify the Voice – Collaborate with employees, stakeholders, and influencers at every step

Measure the Change Value – Connect people in business value and monitor employee engagement

Program Assurance – Learn, grow and own with our “two-in-a-box” methodology

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